We Want Help  It doesn't matter what they say, we know the truth. Abuse (Sexual, Physical, Verbal, Emotional or Psychological) hurts and damages your mind,body and spirit.) We just   want  help. 


We are MenHurT2

MenHurt2.Com is a voice and advocate for male victims and survivors of abuse.. All are welcomed: professionals, parents, adults, partners, significant others, relatives and friends of individuals who have been victimized as they journey to become and stay survivors"


​We Need Hope We are all the same when it comes to being    broken-hearted and wounded. We need hope live again.

A 500 member advocacy organization founded in 2012 addresses issues, concerns, problems and challenges faced and experience by males who have abused in life. Whether it’s verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, psychological abuse or domestic violence, males are seeking healing and help.  Eric Rogers, Ph.D., Founder/CEO.

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​We Will Heal You deserve to heal, to get help.